Be a Good Veteran

As some of you know, our site is run by a blend of active duty and prior service veterans. The desire to serve and do good is something that lead many of us to join the service to begin with. Of course the promise of more beer than you can drink, heavy metal and women helped too.

When you leave the service that desire doesn’t stay behind – it will always be in you. How many times do you find yourself doing something that your reasoning was, “it was the right thing to do,” whether it is helping someone change a tire in bad weather, breaking up a bar fight etc?

Some would stand by and wait for someone else to stand up and help – not us, we already stood up, raised our hands and swore an oath while other men waited for someone else.

These are the thoughts that filled my head when I was recently asked, “why are you guys always trying to raise money for people on your site.” To be honest I was flabergasted that someone would even ask that but found myself for a lack of answer – or at least to be able to form in words the simple reason that it is the right thing to do. I know we are not alone in our desire to help the veterans out there – time and time again this community has answered the call and donated to every effort we put forth. You have stood behind us with our latest effort to help specific veterans in need.

We may be a rough bunch, tongues like nails, morbid senses of humor, lacking in the tact department – but we also carry some of the biggest hearts out there and it shows.

I may have not been the greatest soldier, I may have been a mediocre NCO but I will not be a bad veteran. Keep fighting the good fight and we will keep fighting along side you all.

Excuse me now as I go take my Midol now…