Bank of Un-America

Bank of America has apparently thrown it’s hat into the ring of the 2nd Amendment debate by freezing the account of an American arms producer.

American Spirit Arms Website
On December 29, 2012, the American Spirit company discovered that their bank account through Bank of America had been frozen.

After numerous calls to Bank of America, owner Joe Sirochman managed to receive an answer to why his account had been frozen, “we believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet,” was what the Bank of America manager told Sirochman.

A facebook post on American Spirit Arms page detailed the event:


As reported by other sources, this isn’t the first time that Bank of America has attacked the livelihood of an arms manufacturer, McMillan Group International was told that it’s business was no longer welcome after 12 years of doing business with Bank of America. (source)

If you don’t support moves like this by Bank of America and you do your banking through them you may want to consider keeping that in the future – and if you do chose to do your banking elsewhere, be sure to let them know exactly why you are switching financial institutions.


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