Back in Black: Army to Revive Beret


After a long absence, top Army brass has signaled that they may be considering a revival of the black beret as the standard duty uniform head gear








Top brass at the Pentagon has sent the rumor mill running amok with what may be a resurgence of the black beret as the duty uniform head gear after it was cast aside in favor of the patrol cap.

The ruling comes as a surprise after the amount of backlash brass received after taking the once iconic beret of the Rangers and handed them out to every soldier in an attempt to improve the Army’s image as an elite fighting force and improve soldier morale.

COL Dunmire, aide to the Army Chief of Staffs, told our reporters, “we have been tracking a noticeable decrease in troop morale and a lowering of soldier performance since the side-lining of the beret. We are hoping that bringing the beret back will once again bolster those levels.”

In what is expected to be an out-lash by the troops, there are plans to promote the beret better this time in hopes that soldiers will change their opinions on the usefulness of the head gear.

All soldiers will begin reintegrating the beret as their duty uniform cover starting March first.

We will keep you up-to-date on this still developing story.