Army Scraps New PT Test in Surprise Move

As reported on the Army Times, in a shocking move the Army has announced that it is scrapping the new 5-event PT test  in favor of a new test based on an elimination type event inspired by popular reality TV shows.

According to TRADOC Commanding General, Cobert Rone, “the Army was all set to launch this new 5-event PT test when we caught wind of a new tv show called “Stars Earn Bars” – that is the type of stuff we should be doing, that real hooah stuff.”

The current 3-event PT test has long been criticized as not reflective of the type of physical strength or endurance required on today’s battlefield with today’s equipment loads. This is where reality tv offers the edge commanders have been looking for.

According to sources within TRADOC the new reality-tv inspired PT test, dubbed PT-Showdown, is slated to begin limited tests in select units in the 101st Airborne in early FY13.

We will continue to follow this breaking story.