Army Redefines Combat with XM-25 ‘Rapist’

Somewhere in Afghanistan an insurgent fires a quick round at U.S. forces and then ducks behind a rock, safe from conventional weapons. Not anymore.

U.S. troops now have the ability to reach out and touch enemy forces from behind cover and concealment with the XM-25 and has rightfully earned it’s name amongst soldiers as, ‘The Rapist’.

The term ‘Rapist’ is given by the weapons ability to literally put a round in the third point of contact of enemy insurgents. According to BG Fuller, PEO Soldier, “We haven’t completely solidified the name of this new system, the troops are calling it ‘The Rapist’ and that has raised a few brows. Some even said it was too sexual in nature but we reminded everyone that rape is about power, not sex. I like it, it has a nice ring to it.”

Power it certainly does have. The XM-25 features a programable 25mm round that, combined with a laser range finder, automatically sets the round to airburst at the target location making conventional use of defilade cover essentially useless on today’s battlefield.

Soon soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division’s 3rd Brigade will begin the second phase of fielding ‘The Rapist’. One soldier, PFC Roberts,┬áseemed more than eager to get his hands on one, “I can’t wait to use this on some Haj, Hell yeah! I’m a gonna rape me some Talibans with this badboy!”

Continued improvements and fielding of weapons like the XM-25 ‘Rapist’ have ensured that today’s troops receive the best available equipment our nation has available.

More information about this new weapon system can be read on the Army’s website.