Army Launches New “Think OPSEC” Campaign

In the wake of several breaches in OPSEC the Army has announced the release of a new, bold campaign aimed at reducing the amount of information compromised due to careless behavior.

Information loss due to careless talk and behavior can directly affect the mission on the ground. This is what is behind a new Army push to bring OPSEC to the forefront of every soldier’s mind.

The new campaign will feature some time honored classic sayings from the Army, the first being released is, “Shut your damn pie hole.”

Bob Peterson, Think OPSEC project manager, told our reporters, “we came up with the idea for this project after seeing how effective creative cursing can be during a tour of infantry training facilities at Ft. Benning. Our findings found that simply adding an expletive or demeaning tone to your command has a tremendous affect on getting young people to do what you tell them.”

Still, the effectiveness of this new approach has yet to be seen. We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this breaking story.