Army Introduces ‘New’ Infantry Specialty


In a move that is sure to cause waves, Army officials announced the creation of a new infantry specialty – the Armored Infantry Specialist.

980127-M-1424M-001Already, the discussion is heating up following the announcement of a new Infantry specialty. The 11K – Armored Infantry Specialist is already drawing support from many high-ranking officers within the Army’s armor community.

COL D. A. Treadwell, commanding officer of the armor training brigade at Ft. Benning’s Maneuver Center of Excellence, stated, “I think this move is appropriate, armor and infantry have always been kin occupational specialities and the tanker is essentially the same as an infantryman on a Bradley or Stryker.”

From our source within the Joint Chiefs it is clear that the Army has been planning this move for some time.

The source told our reporters, “the Army has been tasked with looking for ways to make the Army a leaner fighting force while improving capabilities and the merging of the 19K and 11 series is in-step with that mission. The moving of the Armor Training Center to Ft. Benning was the first step in completing the larger picture.”

Plans call for the roll-out to begin at the start of FY14 – All soldiers holding the 19K MOS will become 11K; likewise, all 11B soldiers serving as Bradley and Stryker crewmen will also bear the new 11K MOS designation.

We will keep you up to date on this breaking story.