Army Introduces New Basic Training Program

“America’s Army is no longer just a video game who’s sole intention is to provide entertainment – it will begin to be incorporated into soldier training across the Army, replacing many outdated and expensive current training programs.”



That was the word from a lead engineer, Mr. Ben Greene, in charge of overseeing a new mandate from TRADOC – that mandate, “to explore new avenues in soldier-training and readiness with an emphasis on reducing costs through implementation of digital technology.”

According to Mr. Greene, “when we received word of TRADOC’s push to reduce costs through digital technology we knew this mission fit what our team has been working on for the past 10-years.” Greene continued, “we have worked in real aspects of soldier training and real-world combat experience into every facet of America’s Army that we have essentially created a digital mirror to the actual Army.”

Several critics have raised concerns that a video game is not a replacement for actual hands-on training and that training needs will still need to be addressed and will still cost money.

Greene disagrees, “naturally we have a separate version of America’s Army that is only for recruits – recently the Army test the effectiveness of America’s Army Based Training (AABT) with a Army class of recruits. Through nothing but AABT these recruits were able to accomplish required training at their own pace and most graduates did so in a fifth of the time.”

According to a source at TRADOC when asked about AABT trials, “they are a huge success, no longer will we have to spend money on training trainers, or maintaining training facilities as recruits are able to undergo basic training through AABT from the comfort of their own homes – and since they are recruits they don’t receive BAH or BAQ.”

It will be interesting to see how AABT develops and whether or not it will be accepted Army-wide. Word on the streets tells that the United States Marine Corps is also researching whether a similar program may be successful for Marine recruits – though the source acknowledged that the USMC version would of course be “better”.

As always, we will keep you informed on this breaking story.

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