Army Introduces New Alternative Fuel Tactical Vehicle

The concerns of fuel consumption and the logistical and environmental concerns that comes with it has lead to the development of a new alternative fuel tactical vehicle that was revealed this weekend by source within the Department of Defense.

Alternative Fuel Tactical Vehicle
The new vehicle will utilize and revolutionary new engine that can run off of several different sources of alternative energy, including hydrogen, solar and the exciting MRE Induction.

While solar and hydrogen powered vehicles have already been in existence, this new MRE Induction system turned several heads when it was announced. The system works by loading a magazine that is inserted in the fuel cell with unused MRE heaters. The system then introduces water, captures the hydrogen gas released and then stores that energy to fuel the vehicle.

“Essentially we are accomplishing two things – we are reducing the carbon footprint of tactical military operations as well as simplifying logistics solutions,” said a source from the development team. The source continued, “when supply issues a case of MREs to a squad, not only will that feed them for 3 days but it will also power their vehicles during that time-frame. The cost reduction is astonishing.”

Not everyone is sold on the idea however, a PFC from the 10th Brigade Support Battalion at Ft. Drum asked our reporters, “but how are we supposed to eat our MREs if they are cold?”

We will keep you up to date on this developing story.