Anti-War Hipster Decries Military – Psyched About “Medal of Honor Warfighter”

Self-proclaimed anti-war hipster, Jeremy Nevins, made shockingly contradicting posts on Facebook today. Within hours apart, Nevins condemned the military for glorifying war and later expressed his enthusiasm for the new modern combat inspired video game, “Medal of Honor Warfighter”.

According to our team of highly-trained investigative journalists, Nevins first posted the above post at 8:17 AM, Central Standard Time. Nevins would only comment that his words were in response to posts his friends had reposted and what he calls “rampant flag waiving” in the media.

Within an hour later, Nevins made this second post:

When questioned whether he saw this post as being in direct conflict with his previous post, Nevins responded, “There is no hypocrisy with my comments, video games aren’t real depictions because you can respawn when you die – unless playing hardcore mode.”

We will keep you updated on this developing controversy.