ACLU to Department of Defense – “PT Must Stop!”

“PT must stop!” That is what lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are calling for today in a suit against the Department of Defense filed before the highest court in the nation today.

In the brief filed, the ACLU is claiming that the DoD’s wide-use of Physical Training is, “tantamount to little more than institutionalized hazing and says it violates recent Anti-Bullying laws passed in many states and sends the wrong message to children.”

ACLU Lawyer and Spokesperson Keisha Johnson Esquire stated, “We have all seen the pictures and videos of Drill Instructors screaming in the faces of 18 year-old recruits while forcing them to do push-ups or climb ropes. Hazing doesn’t come any simpler than that. This isn’t Hollywood – the all-boys club will have to learn new ways to train soldiers that doesn’t involve demeaning and humiliating treatment.”

The lawsuit is demanding the, “immediate cessation of any organized physical fitness training,” and, “should allow Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines to engage in fitness training on a personal level”. Johnson offers, “military members know the fitness goals that they are expected to meet and should be able to meet those goals without someone yelling and spitting in their faces. The Military will be required to educate the individuals on the importance of being healthy and their fitness goals and then allow them to perform fitness training without any outside stressors.”

An officer from the Army JAG Office assigned to the case offered this quick response on the condition of anonymity, “the Military is steeped in tradition and stands by organized Physical Fitness Training as a way to build healthy and physically fit soldiers, a unit’s cohesiveness and the military’s Esprit de Corps, and we do that through push-ups, sit-ups, running and occasionally drawing a penis on passed-out Battles’ faces. If the ACLU’s lawsuit is successful it could very well be the end of 0630 PT formations military-wide. I don’t want to live in a world without 0630 PT formations.”

We asked the average soldier for their opinion of no more PT; PFC Reggie Williams told our reporters, “shit, that’s cool by me, no one wants to be getting up that damn early and running around like a fool any how.”