9/11 – Eleven Years Later

As we approach the now eleventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America we have a great deal to reflect upon. It seems hard to imagine that we are more than a decade removed from an event that still evokes great emotion from us all.

Our original mission was to seek out and destroy those who were responsible and those that seek to do us harm in the future. Many of you have risen your hand and freely volunteered to answer that call. It wasn’t too long ago that a common answer as to why someone enlisted was, “for college money,” or some other less-than-noble¬†reason – it is quite different to hear a soldier say, “I joined because of 9/11.”

Those that continue to serve, despite the dangers, are a constant reminder that this country is worth fighting for and that those who have fallen did so not in vain. America will be around for as long as there are men willing to fight and die protecting her Рyou all are a part of that promise.

In the wake of the attacks that claimed 2,996 lives, over 6,000 U.S. servicemen have given their lives and around 43,000 have been wounded. The cost of freedom is high and we should take this day to not only remember those that were killed on 9/11 but also those that have given all since then to protect American civilians from future attacks.

Their sacrifice has ensure that we have gone the past eleven years without a single major terroristic attack on U.S. soil. For that we should be ever grateful.

The attacks on 9/11 were supposed to shake us to our core, to make us question our country and its role in the world, to make us afraid, to destroy us – never could our enemies imagine that their act would inspire so many to take arms against them.

As the years continue to go by, and the shock of that day grows less, let’s promise together that we will not forget not only those that died that day, but remember our brothers and sisters that have faced danger to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.