$50-Million Dollar DoD Contract Sparks Congressional Outrage

A recent DoD contract awarded to fashion designer Louis Vuitton sparks Congressional outrage and has ignited calls for more oversight.

Senator Ted Kaufman, Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Pannel, joined others in the condemnation of the latest in a series of spending blunders by the Department of Defense today.

After a thorough accounting of Defense spending it was revealed that a flagrant contract was awarded to Louis Vuitton to provide bullet proof plate carriers to the DoD at the tone of $50-million dollars, well above the standard cost for like items.

The contract was awarded by a sole government contract and acquisitions employee who felt that, “the soldiers could use a little pizzaz in the field – I mean, they are fighting and dying for our freedom and interests, the least we can do is make sure they look good doing so,” the employee said on the condition of anonymity.

Senator Kaufman wasn’t sold on the reasoning, “this is the most outrageous thing ever – what’s next? Maybe we should have Gucci design back packs, or maybe Nautica can make parkas… It is just beyond belief.”

On the plus side – word of the new plate carriers was directly responsible for a 3-fold increase in recruitment numbers in the San Fran Bay Area.